Why Louisville is the Best 1-Loss Team in College Football

Best One Loss Teams in College Football 

The deeper into the college football season we get the clearer things become, right? The logic in that theory seems sound, but the reality is that the only thing that is clear in the final few weeks of this season is confusion. So what teams are real contenders, who has the best resume and who is on the outside looking out. Here is a breakdown of who is left, who is best and the rest.

West Virginia – The Mountaineers were clearly in the picture, until Oklahoma State welcomed them and then sent them home the way Cowboys do, bullwhipped and hogtied. West Virginia is now a once-run.

Washington – The Huskies may not be officially eliminated from the playoff picture, but it doesn’t look promising either. The biggest problem the Huskies face is everyone else ahead of them that has a better resume. That will essentially be all of the teams below.

Penn State – The Nittany Lions have two losses, yes two, but are in the thick of the conversation. The road isn’t an easy one but they actually have an inside track to the Big Ten title game if Ohio State can beat Michigan. The question will be, can a two loss champion of arguably the most stacked conference in the country get a top 4 bid?

Michigan – The Wolverines haven’t been, or more accurately, weren’t tested until a showdown with a hungry Iowa team proved to be too much. So the first real test of the season resulted in a loss. To make matters worse Iowa is a far cry from a top 10 team this year, oh yes and there is still a big showdown with rival Ohio State.

Clemson – Those Tigers of Clemson have proven themselves and backed up their run from last year by being one of the top teams in football all season. With the head to head win versus Louisville, certainly they are worthy of a playoff ticket.

Ohio State – The Buckeyes would have been a lock if they can find a way to win the final two games this year, including that showdown at home versus the highly ranked Michigan Wolverines. Penn State ruined that would have been certainty for the Buckeyes, yet with an impressive win versus the highly touted Sooners and a victory against a well regarded bunch of Badgers – it is a wait and see game now.

Louisville – A top ranked offense, almost as many lopsided victories as games played and a convincing win against a talented Florida State squad has the Cardinals looking like the team with the best resume in football among the 1-loss teams. The Cardinals don’t just win, they do it in emphatic fashion and that just can’t be ignored. The only blemish on their record was a hard fought battle against national power Clemson. The way they win and the way they play gives them an argument for being the best 1-loss team left.

It is hard to believe there is still so much undecided and so much chaos left this late in the season, but isn’t this why college football is must watch television? Get ready because this is going to be fun.