Why Lamar Jackson is a Near Lock to Win the Heisman

It is a known fact that Lamar Jackson was the Louisville Quarterback who could very well win the famous Heisman Trophy. You must admit Jackson is a skilled athlete that has a very impressive record.

Jackson’s record includes putting up 416 yards of defense, which was the 7th time in a total of 9 games in one season where Jackson has gone for the 400 plus. In addition, amazingly Jackson was able to pass 231 yards after only making a total of just 17 attempts.
Passing 231 yards after only 17 attempts is quite impressive and not very common even among the most talented players.

Also adding to Jackson’s impressive record is that out of 32 combined/rush attempts, Jackson achieved a total of seven touchdowns. Three rushing touchdowns within one season is what Lamar Jackson was able to achieve. Which most people would agree with such an impressive record behind him, Jackson is well deserving of the Heisman Trophy.

Possibly one of Jackson’s biggest accoplishments is that he was able to score a total of 46 touchdowns in only 10 games. Lamar Jackson certainly has left a lasting impression to other football players. Lamar Jackson has essentially proves that he is one of the best and most talented football players in the country.
Recently Lamar Jackson paused for a moment in the middle of the football field to do the Heisman pose. Actually, Jackson did the Heisman pose in the middle of the Louisville game. Jackson is possibly one of the first players to do something so daring while a game was still being played.

Lamar Jackson currently ranks 12th in the country concerning his passing yard record. In addition, as far as rushing yards are concerned Jackson ranks 5th within the entire country. Finally, Jackson stills holds a superior QBR rating.

Lamar Jackson’s chances of taking home the Heisman Trophy are remarkably high. Some say Jackson has essentially already won one of the highest honors within the game of football.

One can not forget that Lamar Jackson also hooked up with Cole Hikutini on two seperate occasions within the second frame. the second frame included an infamous 31 yard touchdown strike. Cole Hikutini is a tight end for the same team. Hikutini is another recognized talented player.

If Lamar Jackson is able to keep up his phenominal pace he could end up finishing this season with close to 4000 yards passing. In addition, a total of 75 touchdowns for Lamar Jackson would be a record that no one would ever forget. Lamar Jackson has certainly made a name for himself within the entire profession of football.

Lamar Jackson possesses talent that not too many players have. There are many talented and ambitious football players however, Jackson certainly paved the way with his unmatched record to take home one of the highest honors a football can only dream about.

Winning the Heisman Trophy is certainly a dream come true for any football player. If Jackson does take home the Heisman Trophy, he essentially will go down as a true winner and a true success story in the world of sports.

Winning the Heisman Trophy will certainly bring any football player the kind of success it may take a lifetime in order to achieve. The honor that goes with winning the Heisman Trophy is something that can never be taken for granted.