Louisville vs Florida State Odds & Betting Preview

Will Florida State make a comeback and beat Louisville? You may ponder who has the most experienced players, which team has the secret weapon, or who has the longest winning streak? Or even perhaps who has the best jersey colors? Another factor could even be has the team of choice ever won a championship? Let’s not forget about the best Quarterback status. Lamar Jackson from Florida State and Deondre Francois from Louisville ,rookie vs veteran. Lamar is sophomore ( veteran) age nineteen for the Louisville Cardinals. Deondre Francois is a freshman ( rookie) age 19 for Florida State Seminoles. According to statistics reviews Florida State has more veteran players than their opponent Louisville. Florida States odds are thirteen to one and Louisville’s Odds are twenty to one.

According to these odds Louisville would be considered a favorite and they have won the NCAA Championship game before. However, according to Florida State’s Coach Jimbo Fisher, his team is ready although there has been some repairs through the team. Most of the team’s key players are playing this season. In my opinion the team with the most Rookies has the best chances of winning. This is due to the hunger displayed in new players. Although the drawback is inexperience but the desire to win is more intense. In this case the winning team would be Louisville. On the other hand Florida State team of veterans are more skilled season football players. They know the in and out of the game and could very well display sluggish and lack of hunger performance. They could be over confident, which could cause sloppy moves and mistakes.

During last season Cook, Louisville Running Back, was considered a known threat. Lamar Jackson the team’s Quarterback was a rookie last year but played well. He got his feet wet and is ready to approach this season for the win. It would be advantages for Florida State defensive team to study plays very closely and direct attention to Cook. Last year Louisville won to Florida State with a big forty-three point lead after two previous losses.

In the past these two teams winning scores were within twenty points. Louisville hunger is still in effect for a win during this season. Although the quarterback is a veteran he’s eager to further prove himself as a quarterback. As long as the offensive line for Louisville is geared up they have a great chance.

Although, according to the odds which are in favor of Louisville winning. I think Florida State has enough drive to beat them. They had two consecutive wins in 2013 and 2014. Their lost in 2015 could be attributed to injured players, but according to the coach they’ve be repaired. Their freshman quarterback has to make a great impression.

In conclusion Lamar is the favorite pick and he’s a sophomore with a more experience and he still needs to prove himself. Therefore his drive may be a little stronger and plus the team already has a championship under their belt. I believe that the Cardinals will have about a ten points lead. What do u you look for in a winning team?