How To Start Your Own Affiliate Program

  1. Why Start Your Own Affiliate Program?

Numerous web sites and distributors offering your item can result in increased sales and earnings. Unlike traditional marketing, affiliate programs pay only for performance. Commissions are not paid unless sales are made.

Also, with many more web sites connecting to yours, your link popularity is sure to increase in search engines, leading to extra traffic and earnings.

  1. Integrate a Merchant Account with Your Affiliate Program

If your product is downloadable (such as electronic books or software application), you might consider For a $49.95 preliminary cost, you can process credit cards and online cheques for $1.00 per deal plus 7.5% of sales. As an included bonus, you have your own built-in affiliate program.

ClickBank provides you a listing on their web site and visitors can purchase your items and join your affiliate program. You pick the commission rate you are willing to pay. All commission payments are managed by ClickBank. One drawback is that you ca n`t run a two-tiered program.

  1. Utilize an Affiliate Program Script

If you are comfortable with running CGI scripts, you might wish to install your own affiliate program on your server and administer the affiliate program yourself.

Be forewarned, though, that this is a great deal of work. You will be accountable for all the screening, security, commission payments, promo and so on. Another downside: Will your prospective affiliates trust you given that their commissions are not tracked and paid by an independent third party?

  1. Utilize a Hosted Solution

There are excellent factors for not hosting your affiliate program on your server. Perhaps you do n`t have the time to administer all the aspects of an affiliate program. Perhaps your time might be used more proficiently in other areas of your organisation. In addition, an independent 3rd party tracking and paying affiliate commissions motivates self-confidence in prospective affiliates. Lastly, you just may gain from the extra exposure that an affiliate network brings you. is an example of an affiliate network. You will require to pay a $75.00 deposit to cover affiliate commissions. They charge 25% of any affiliate commissions paid. For example, if you paid an affiliate a 10% commission on a $100.00 sale, you would pay the affiliate $10.00 and ClixGalore $2.50.

With ClixGalore, you can also have a two-tier program. Taking the above example, if you paid affiliates for discovering other affiliates, you may pay 2% on your second tier. That would be another $2.00 commission and $.50 affiliate network charge for an overall of $15.00 in commissions on both levels.

  1. For All Affiliate Programs

Setup your own websites (or pages) laying out the advantages of your affiliate program. Deal articles, suggestions, text and banner links, and other useful support for your affiliates.

Offer a generous commission so that others feel encouraged to sell for you. Obtain the e-mail addresses of your affiliates so that you can stay connected with them to aid them to sell more.

For increased traffic, sales and profits, start your own affiliate program.