Louisville 2016-17 College Basketball Predictions & Preview

Many might consider the NBA as the most followed basketball league, but College basketball is equally intriguing. College basketball is the home for Rockies who find themselves playing in the NBA after graduation or after attracting a major franchise. As a result, the teams in college league are too under the same glare of the […]

Why Louisville is the Best 1-Loss Team in College Football

Best One Loss Teams in College Football  The deeper into the college football season we get the clearer things become, right? The logic in that theory seems sound, but the reality is that the only thing that is clear in the final few weeks of this season is confusion. So what teams are real contenders, […]

Why Lamar Jackson is a Near Lock to Win the Heisman

It is a known fact that Lamar Jackson was the Louisville Quarterback who could very well win the famous Heisman Trophy. You must admit Jackson is a skilled athlete that has a very impressive record. Jackson’s record includes putting up 416 yards of defense, which was the 7th time in a total of 9 games […]

Louisville vs Florida State Odds & Betting Preview

Will Florida State make a comeback and beat Louisville? You may ponder who has the most experienced players, which team has the secret weapon, or who has the longest winning streak? Or even perhaps who has the best jersey colors? Another factor could even be has the team of choice ever won a championship? Let’s […]